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Roulette is a live casino game with RTP of 98.94%, read our review to learn how to play Roulette Live Casino game with Roulette rules, odds & betting tips. Introducing our extensive manual on the art of playing and succeeding in Roulette.

At PhWin Casino, we are committed to delivering valuable insights and strategies to elevate your roulette experience. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned player, our guide will furnish you with the necessary knowledge to make informed choices and enhance your prospects of triumph.

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Roulette Details & Information

American Roulette House Edge and Return to Player
Bet Type Bet Payout Bet Probability House Edge Return to Player
Straight 35/1 2.63% 5.26% 94.74%
Split 17/1 5.26% 5.26% 94.74%
Street 11/1 7.89% 5.26% 94.74%
Square or Corner 8/1 10.53% 5.26% 94.74%
Five Line 6/1 13.16% 7.89% 92.11%
Six Line 5/1 15.79% 5.26% 94.74%
Column 2/1 31.58% 5.26% 94.74%
Dozen 2/1 31.58% 5.26% 94.74%
Red / Black 1/1 46.37% 5.26% 94.74%
Odd / Even 1/1 46.37% 5.26% 94.74%
High / Low 1/1 46.37% 5.26% 94.74%

How to Play Roulette

To play Roulette, you should placing bets, spinning the wheel, determining the outcome and starting a new round. Refer to our guide below to learn the knowledge of playing Roulette!

1.Placing Bets

  • To begin, you’ll have a specific time to place your bets. Roulette offers a diverse range of betting options, allowing you to choose from individual numbers, number groupings, colors, and even or odd numbers. Take your time to consider different strategies and place your bets accordingly.

2.Spinning the Wheel

  • Once all bets are placed, the dealer will spin the roulette wheel in one direction and release a small ball in the opposite direction. The ball will travel around the wheel until it loses momentum and comes to rest in one of the numbered pockets.

3.Determining the Outcome

  • The number pocket where the ball lands will determine the winning outcome. The dealer will announce the winning number, and any bets associated with that number or category will receive payouts according to the game’s odds. 

4.Starting a New Round

  • After the outcome is settled, a new round of betting will commence, and the process repeats. Take your time to analyze the results, adjust your strategies, and place your bets wisely for the next round.

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Games Features of Roulette

The game features of Roulette are interesting, included european roulette, various wagering choices, versatility inw agering options and live dealer roulette. Without further ado, let’s dive in and see each of them below!

1. European Roulette

  • European Roulette holds a prominent position among roulette enthusiasts owing to its lower house edge. With the inclusion of just one zero pocket, this variation offers players more favorable odds in comparison to its American counterpart, which features an additional double zero pocket.
  • Choosing European Roulette as your game of choice significantly enhances your long-term winning prospects.

2. Various Wagering Choices

  • Roulette provides a wide range of betting options to suit various playing styles. From simple bets like choosing red or black, odd or even, to more complex bets involving specific numbers or combinations, the game offers endless possibilities. 

3. Versatility in Wagering Options

  • Roulette accommodates players with varying budget sizes through its adaptable betting limits. Regardless of whether you lean towards cautious bets or bold high-stakes wagers, you can discover a table that aligns with your desired comfort level. 

4. Live Dealer Roulette

  • Indulge in the exhilaration of a brick-and-mortar casino without stepping out of your home through the captivating world of live dealer roulette. Online casinos have introduced the remarkable feature of playing roulette with authentic dealers via live streaming technology.
  • Immerse yourself in the game as skilled professionals spin the wheel and engage with players in real-time, heightening the overall excitement and delight of your gaming experience.

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Tips & Tricks To Win Roulette win

You can win at Roulette by following our simple 5 tips below, included effective bankroll management, choose wisely, strategic bet mixing, utilize free games and embrace the variability.

1.Effective Bankroll Management

  • Establish a budget for your roulette sessions and adhere to it steadfastly. Refrain from pursuing losses and never wager more than you can comfortably afford to lose. Responsible management of your bankroll is vital for a sustainable and enjoyable gaming experience.

2.Choose Wisely

  • Whenever possible, opt for European Roulette to leverage its lower house edge. This decision enhances your long-term prospects of success and maximizes potential winnings.

3.Strategic Bet Mixing

  • Explore various betting strategies to diversify your gameplay. Combining inside bets (such as specific numbers) with outside bets (such as odd/even or red/black) provides a well-rounded approach to managing risk and reward.

4.Utilize Free Games

  • Many online casinos offer free roulette games for practice purposes. Utilize these opportunities to acquaint yourself with the game, experiment with strategies, and gain confidence before engaging in real-money play.

5.Embrace the Variability

  • Roulette outcomes are inherently random, meaning winning and losing streaks may occur. Maintain a composed mindset, avoiding impulsive decisions driven by emotional reactions. Stay committed to your strategy and remain disciplined throughout your gameplay.

Best Casino to play Roulette


For an exceptional online roulette experience, we highly recommend PhWin Casino. As a premier online casino, PhWin Casino offers a wide range of roulette variations, including European Roulette, French Roulette, and American Roulette.

With their user-friendly interface, secure gaming environment, and generous bonuses, PhWin Casino ensures a seamless and enjoyable roulette journey.

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In conclusion, mastering the art of playing and winning at roulette requires a combination of luck, strategy, and understanding the game’s dynamics. By following the strategies outlined in this comprehensive guide, you’ll be well-equipped to make informed decisions and optimize your chances of success.

Remember to approach roulette with a responsible mindset and enjoy the thrilling experience it offers. Best of luck on your roulette journey!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The objective of playing roulette is to predict the number pocket where the ball will land after the roulette wheel is spun and place bets accordingly to potentially win based on that outcome.

In roulette, you can make a variety of bets, including individual numbers, number groupings, colors (red or black), and even or odd numbers.

The winning outcome in roulette is determined by the number pocket where the ball comes to rest after the wheel is spun. The dealer announces the winning number, and bets associated with that number or category receive payouts based on the game’s odds.

European Roulette is known for its lower house edge due to the presence of only one zero pocket. It offers players more favorable odds compared to American Roulette, which has an additional double zero pocket.

Popular betting strategies in roulette include choosing inside bets (specific numbers) and outside bets (odd/even or red/black) to manage risk and reward. Players also often employ strategies like the Martingale system and the Fibonacci system.

Many online casinos offer free roulette games for practice purposes. You can use these free games to familiarize yourself with the game, experiment with different strategies, and gain confidence before playing with real money.

Effective bankroll management is crucial in roulette. It involves setting a budget for your roulette sessions, sticking to it, and avoiding chasing losses. Responsible bankroll management ensures a sustainable and enjoyable gaming experience.

PhWin Casino is highly recommended for an exceptional online roulette experience. They offer a wide range of roulette variations, a user-friendly interface, a secure gaming environment, and generous bonuses.

Understanding the odds in roulette is essential for making informed betting decisions. Different bets have different payout ratios, and knowing these odds can help you strategize and potentially increase your chances of winning.

To approach roulette responsibly, set limits on your bets and losses, stick to your budget, and avoid making impulsive decisions driven by emotions. Roulette is a game of chance, so maintaining composure and discipline is key to an enjoyable gaming experience.

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