Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing: The best Free Demo Play and Review

JILI Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing Game

JILI Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing Game is a fish shooting game by JILI, read our review and play JILI Dinosaur Tycoon Fishing 2 demo game to win at Phwin with Jilibonus. Let’s dive in to the latest game review of JILI Bombing Fishing by PHWIN Online Casino, an immersive experience that transports you to a world where ancient creatures roam and untold riches await.

At the intersection of skill, strategy, and fortune, this action-packed shooting game, presented by Phwin Casino, promises an exhilarating journey through underwater landscapes teeming with mystery and rewards.

As a daring hunter, your mission is to capture dinosaurs, dragons, kings, and more, all while navigating captivating challenges and dynamic features that define this game. Discover the power of automatic shooting, the art of weapon selection, and the finesse of bet adjustment to enhance your chances of winning.

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JILI Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing Demo

JILI Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing Details & Information

Software Jili
Type Video Arcade
Payout 2-1500
Sit Per Table 4
Min Coins Size 0.01
Max Coins Size 1
RTP 96.8%

How to Play JILI Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing Game



To play Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing, you should understanding the game mechanics, placing your bet, paylines and selecting the game room. Refer to our guide below to learn the knowledge of playing Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing!

1. Understanding the Game Mechanics

  • Target Control (Auto Shoot)
    Mastering target control is essential for your success in the game. The auto-shoot feature empowers you to concentrate on your strategy while the game automatically fires at selected targets. This enables precise and efficient aiming, increasing your odds of hitting valuable creatures.
  • Choose Your Weapon
    Selecting the right weapon is key to optimizing your performance. Different weapons possess distinct attributes, such as shooting speed and damage output. Make informed decisions based on your preferred playstyle and the unique characteristics of the dinosaurs you’re targeting.
  • Bet Adjustment
    Strategically adjusting your bets can influence both your potential rewards and the overall gameplay experience. Higher bets often correlate with increased chances of winning and enhanced prize amounts. Analyze the available options and align your bets with your objectives to maximize your returns.

2. Placing Your Bet and Paylines

Before you embark on your dinosaur-hunting expedition, it’s crucial to place your bet according to your comfort level and aspirations. The game offers a range of betting options, each tied to specific jackpot possibilities:

  • Bet 0.1 Range Jackpot: 100-200
  • Bet 0.2-0.5 Range Jackpot: 200-400
  • Bet 0.6-1 Range Jackpot: 600-1,200
  • Bet 2-5 Range Jackpot: 2,000-4,000
  • Bet 6-10 Range Jackpot: 6,000-12,000
  • Bet 20-50 Range Jackpot: 20,000-40,000
  • Bet 60-100 Range Jackpot: 60,000-120,000

Remember, your choice of bet influences your potential rewards, so make your selection wisely.

3. Selecting the Game Room

  • Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing Game offers a variety of game rooms, each with its own unique challenges and opportunities. Choose your game room based on your level of expertise, risk appetite, and desired rewards.

Each room presents a distinct adventure, allowing you to tailor your experience to your preferences.

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Game Features of JILI Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing

The game features of Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing are interesting, included a diverse array of targets, the jackpot system, the enigmatic Treasure Chest Pterodactyl and special dinosaur encounters, . Without further ado, let’s dive in and see each of them below!

1.A Diverse Array of Targets

  • From dinosaurs to dinosaur eggs, Golden Smilodon, and Golden Mammoths, each target presents its own challenge and reward.
  • Immerse yourself in the prehistoric world as you take aim at a captivating range of targets. The variety of targets ensures that every shot you take is brimming with anticipation and excitement.

2.The Jackpot System

  • This system opens the door to remarkable possibilities, allowing players to seize a 1000X reward or claim their share of the accumulated winnings by strategically targeting the Light Dragon King.
  • The thrill of pursuing these monumental rewards adds an extra layer of exhilaration to every gameplay session.

3.Special Dinosaur Encounters


Prepare for heart-pounding encounters with special dinosaurs that introduce a fascinating dimension to the game.

  • Sprint Triceratops: Triumph over the Sprint Triceratops to unlock an opportunity for sprinting on the field. If you sprint into a dragon during this time, the chance to capture it becomes tantalizingly real.

  • Electric Lizard: After defeating the Electric Lizard, brace yourself for an electric net activation. This net possesses the power to ensnare dragons within its electrifying grasp, amplifying your chances of capturing these elusive creatures.

  • Bomb Frog: Overcome the Bomb Frog and trigger a detonation that may ensnare nearby dinosaurs within the radius of the explosion. This strategic feat could potentially lead to a cascade of captures.

  • Golden Mammoth: To attain the prize amount showcased on the Prize Panel, players must triumph over the formidable Golden Mammoth. Elevating your bet amount enhances your winning potential and amplifies the allure of victory.


Special Dragon King Showdown

  • Unleash your inner tactician by conquering two Special Dragon Kings and unlocking the electrifying “Dragon King Showdown” mode.
  • In this mode, your task is to predict the victor over five intense rounds. Each correct guess boosts the multiplier, with a potential basic bonus of up to X5.

Crystal Dragon’s Crystalline Challenge

  • As you train your sights on the Crystal Dragon, you unveil the possibility of shattering the precious crystals adorning its body.
  • This accomplishment not only rewards you with high-multiplier prizes but also intensifies your capacity to inflict damage upon the dragon itself.

Gashapon Mini-Game and Prizes

  • Capture the Holy Light Dragon King and trigger the captivating Gashapon mini-game.
  • This three-round challenge holds the promise of earning Bonuses and Energy Stones.

As you accumulate the requisite Energy Stones depicted on the board, a realm of four distinct prizes unfolds before you—Grand, Major, Minor, and Mini. Each prize beckons as a testament to your skill and prowess.


Jackpot Pursuit

  • The heart-pounding pursuit of the jackpot unfolds with each shot you take at a dragon, regardless of its size.
  • Unlocking the coveted prize drawing opportunity hinges on meeting specific bet conditions.
  • The prize amount remains on display, serving as a tantalizing reminder of the potential riches that lie in wait.


Harness the Power of the Waterspout

  • Master the art of accumulating energy through precise shooting, unleashing it as a formidable waterspout that wreaks havoc upon your targets.
  • The energy conversion, influenced by your bet ratio, dictates the potency of your waterspout’s impact.
  • Ensure your energy reserves are put to optimal use, for disconnecting for three days or a mere three minutes of inactivity can alter the course of your energy balance.

4.The Enigmatic Treasure Chest Pterodactyl

  • Encounter the enigmatic Treasure Chest Pterodactyl, a harbinger of potential fortunes. Upon capturing the treasure chest laden with gold, you’re granted three dice.
  • The values etched onto the trio of dice intertwine to determine your multiplier, with the third dice unveiling the fateful revelation of doubling the multiplier should it reveal itself as the Golden Dice.

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Tips & Tricks To Win JILI Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing

You can win at Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing by following our simple 5 tips below, included master the mechanics, utilize special features, strategic features, strategic gameplay, focus on multipliers and practice & persistence.

1.Master the Mechanics

  • First and foremost, understanding the game mechanics outlined in the previous section is crucial. Familiarize yourself with the target control feature, which includes an auto-shoot function that frees you to focus on strategy rather than constant clicking.
  • Choose your weapons wisely, considering their unique attributes and patterns. Make use of the bet adjustment feature to tailor your wagers to your comfort level and potential rewards.

2.Utilize Special Features

  • Leverage the various special features offered by the game to your advantage. Engage in captivating battles with special dinosaurs like the Sprint Triceratops and Electric Lizard.
  • Their unique abilities can enhance your chances of success. Take advantage of the jackpot system by targeting the Light Dragon King or winning the Dragon King Showdown after defeating Special Dragon Kings.

3.Strategic Gameplay

  • Employ a strategic approach when interacting with the game. Increase your bets to unlock higher jackpot amounts and improve your chances of winning big.
  • Engage in the Gashapon mini-game by capturing the Holy Light Dragon King and accumulate Energy Stones to claim enticing prizes. Strategically release the powerful Free Waterspout to cause significant damage and boost your chances of success.

4.Focus on Multipliers

  • Pay attention to multipliers throughout the game. Guess the winner correctly in the Tyrannosaurus Rex and King Kong mode to increase your multiplier.
  • Shatter the crystals on the Crystal Dragon’s body for high-multiplier rewards. Harness the potential of the Treasure Chest Pterodactyl to maximize your bonus multiplier and aim for substantial prizes.

5.Practice and Persistence

  • Like any skill, winning at Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing requires practice and persistence. Hone your aim and timing by engaging in regular gameplay. Learn from your successes and challenges, and adapt your strategies accordingly.
  • Embrace the excitement and unpredictability of the game, and remember that consistent effort and strategic thinking will increase your chances of emerging as a victorious dinosaur fishing tycoon.

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Best Casino to Play JILI Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing

Phwin Online Casino

Best Casino to play Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing is Phwin. Embark on a captivating journey into the world of ancient giants and thrilling jackpots at Phwin Online Casino. Immerse yourself in the excitement of Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing Game, where prehistoric creatures and colossal rewards come to life.

With its user-friendly interface and seamless gameplay, Phwin Casino offers the perfect platform to indulge in this unique fishing adventure. Unleash your skills as you aim and shoot at a diverse range of targets, from dinosaurs and dinosaur eggs to Golden Smilodon and Golden Mammoths.

Uncover the excitement of the jackpot system, where a 1000X reward beckons or accumulated winnings await through targeting the elusive Light Dragon King. Engage in special encounters with unique dinosaurs, each offering its own thrilling feature to enhance your gameplay.



In the captivating depths of JILI Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing Game, an enthralling underwater adventure beckons, blending shooting expertise with strategic finesse. As explored in the Introduction, the realm of prehistoric sea creatures comes alive, offering an immersive experience that unfolds with every shot.

From mastering the game mechanics outlined in “How to play Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing Game” to unleashing the potential of captivating features detailed in “Games Features of Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing Game,” players are primed for success.

Armed with insights from “How to win Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing Game,” hunters can maximize their rewards. So, embrace your inner predator, navigate the watery domain, and triumph as a legendary conqueror of Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing Game’s thrilling treasures!

Best Jilibonus for JILI Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

JILI Dinosaur Tycoon Fishing 2 Game at Phwin Casino is a thrilling online shooting game that immerses players in an adventure where they capture ancient creatures and vie for exciting prizes and bonuses.

The game employs auto-shoot, allowing players to focus on aiming while the game automatically shoots at selected targets. This feature enhances gameplay by simplifying firing mechanics.

Players can choose from Shotgun Attack, Huge Bone, and Dragon Fire as weapons. Each weapon has unique advantages, affecting strategy and potential rewards.

Before starting, players can adjust bets to match their comfort level and desired payouts. Higher bets yield greater rewards, but responsible gaming and budgeting are essential.

Understanding paylines and choosing the right game room enhances strategic betting. Players can select rooms based on difficulty, jackpot opportunities, and payout rates.

Capturing the Golden Mammoth yields rewards according to the paytable. Higher bets unlock more substantial bonuses, and the game offers specific jackpot ranges based on different bet sizes.

Defeating the Effects Dragon triggers the Bomb Frog, creating an explosive opportunity to capture multiple dragons within the blast, optimizing rewards.

Taking down the Oviraptor grants players a random weapon – Shotgun Attack, Huge Bone, or Dragon Fire – each with unique attributes that influence gameplay.

Detonating three bombs from the Pterosaur triggers consecutive explosions, enhancing the chance to capture dragons. Timing is crucial to maximize the potential of this explosive feature.

Utilize features like the Flying Dragon Wheel, Meteor Burst, and Golden T-Rex strategically. Each offers opportunities to multiply winnings and secure impressive rewards.

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