Fa Chai Fishing: The best Free Demo Play and Review


JDB Fa Chai Fishing Game is a fish shooting game by JDB, read our review and play JDB All Star Fishing demo game to discover how to win at PHWIN with jilibonus. Fa Chai Fishing is not just a game; it’s a thrilling journey into the depths of a captivating underwater world where fortunes await.

Developed by JDB, this fish shooting game offers players a unique opportunity to combine fun, strategy, and the allure of massive rewards. Rooted in the Chinese concept of “getting rich,” Fa Chai Fishing immerses players in a world of wealth and opportunity, all set to the backdrop of lively music and stunning visuals.

With special weapons like the Autocannon and Thunderball, the game provides the means to unlock higher prizes and take on formidable aquatic adversaries. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a novice, Fa Chai Fishing beckons you to test your luck and skill. Are you ready to take your shot at riches in the deep sea?

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Free Demo: Fa Chai Fishing

Fa Chai Fishing

Fa Chai Fishing Details & Information

Software JDB
Type Video Arcade
Max Win 1000X
Sit Per Table 4
Min Coins Size 0.10
Max Coins Size 100
RTP 97%

How to Play Fa Chai Fishing


To play Fa Chai Fishing, you should understanding the game mechanics, placing your bet & paylines and spinning the reels. Refer to our guide below to learn the knowledge of playing Fa Chai Fishing!

1.Understanding the Game Mechanics

To become a proficient Fa Chai Fishing player, you must grasp the game’s mechanics, which form the foundation of your gaming experience. These mechanics encompass several vital aspects:

  • Paytable
    The Paytable in Fa Chai Fishing provides valuable information about the different fish species and their respective values. Understanding this table is essential as it helps you identify high-value targets and plan your shots strategically.
  • System Settings
    The game offers various system settings that allow you to customize your gaming experience. These settings include options for sound, graphics, and gameplay preferences. Tailoring these settings to your liking can enhance your overall gaming experience.
  • Bet Adjustment
    Fa Chai Fishing accommodates players with diverse betting preferences. You can adjust your bet according to your gaming strategy and financial comfort. Whether you prefer low or high bets, the game offers flexibility to cater to your needs.
  • Autoplay
    The Autoplay feature simplifies your gameplay by automatically firing your weapon at the aquatic adversaries. This feature is especially useful for players who want a more relaxed gaming experience, as it eliminates the need for manual shooting.
  • Set Paylines
    Choosing the number of paylines you wish to activate is a strategic decision. Fa Chai Fishing allows you to set the paylines according to your preference, and this choice can significantly affect your success in the game.

2.Placing Your Bet and Paylines

  • Once you’ve grasped the game mechanics, the next step is to place your bet and configure the paylines. These choices have a direct impact on your gaming experience and potential winnings.

3.Spinning the Reels

  • With your bets placed and paylines configured, it’s time to dive into the thrilling action. Spinning the reels in Fa Chai Fishing brings the underwater world to life, and your success depends on your aim, strategy, and a bit of luck.
  • Get ready to shoot your way to riches in the deep sea as you take on the captivating challenges this game offers.

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Game Features of Fa Chai Fishing

The game features of Fa Chai Fishing are interesting, included deep sea giant, eye catching tycoon lobby fish, special weapons, moments of control and varied patterns and instruction. Without further ado, let’s dive in and see each of them below!

1.Deep Sea Giant Tycoon Lobby Squid

  • Prepare to be amazed as you embark on your deep-sea journey with the legendary Tycoon Lobby squid. This colossal creature is your ticket to fortune, and it brings along a lucky wheel that holds the promise of becoming a millionaire.
  • As you venture into the underwater realm, you’ll be captivated by the exquisite visuals of the fish shooting game, making each shot a beautiful and rewarding experience.

2.Eye-Catching Tycoon Lobby Fish

  • The game boasts a mesmerizing array of Tycoon Lobby fish that are nothing short of eye candy. These captivating visuals add an element of grandeur to your adventure, as you take on the mantle of a fish shooter.
  • The splendid firing turrets, the stunning display of fish, and the mountain of gold coins create a dynamic and immersive gaming environment.

3.Special Weapons: Auto-cannon and Thunderball

phwin-fa-chai-fishing-features-thunderball-phwin77 phwin-fa-chai-fishing-features-t-chaingun-phwin77

  • Fa Chai Fishing equips players with special weapons, the Autocannon and Thunderball. These weapons are the keys to unlocking higher prizes and defeating formidable aquatic adversaries.
  • Using these weapons strategically can greatly enhance your chances of success, making every shot count and adding to the excitement.

4.Moments of Control

  • The game is thoughtfully divided into “eating moments” and “moments of control.” During these phases, your gaming strategy plays a pivotal role in determining your success.
  • Your ability to master these distinct moments can be the difference between victory and defeat. When swarms of fish continually emerge, it’s your time to shine.

5.Varied Patterns and Instructions

Fa Chai Fishing presents players with a variety of patterns and instructions, each adding a unique dimension to the gameplay:


  • Thunderball: Launch the Thunderball and watch it explode, giving you the chance to catch fish on its route. This explosive feature provides an exciting twist to the game.
  • Chain Gun: The Chain Gun offers a barrage of free bullets, with the potential to accumulate up to 999 bullets. This unrelenting firepower ensures you’re well-prepared to take on the aquatic adversaries.
  • Lucky Money Turtle: When the Lucky Money Turtle appears, seize the opportunity to win a fortune, with bet scores ranging from 100x to 300x. Team up with other players and make the most of this special visitor.
  • Lucky Axel: Catch the special wheel and unlock your chance to change your luck, granting you bet multipliers from 40x to 200x. It’s a feature that adds an element of strategy to your gameplay.
  • Lucky Red Envelope: Keep an eye out for red envelopes; catching them or hitting fish may lead to extra bonuses. The Red Envelope game offers the chance to win bet multipliers ranging from 2x to an impressive 1000x.

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Tips & Tricks To Win Fa Chai Fishing

You can win at Fa Chai Fishing by following our simple 5 tips below, included master the game mechanics, leverage special weapons, focus on special fish, master moments of control and energy value strategy.

1.Master the Game Mechanics

  • Your path to victory starts with a solid grasp of the game’s mechanics. Understanding how to control your shots, choose the right weapon, adjust your bet, and trigger special features is crucial. If you haven’t already, revisit the “Understanding the Game Mechanics” section to ensure you’re well-informed.

2.Leverage Special Weapons

  • In Fa Chai Fishing, special weapons like the Autocannon and Thunderball are your allies in achieving victory. Use them strategically to increase your chances of catching high-value fish and earning substantial rewards. These weapons can turn the tide in your favor, so make the most of them.

3.Focus on Special Fish

  •  The game features special fish with the most significant prizes. Keep an eye out for these valuable targets and prioritize your shots accordingly. The “Games Features of Fa Chai Fishing Game” section provides insights into the unique features and rewards associated with these special fish.

4.Master Moments of Control

  • In Fa Chai Fishing, your control during “moments of control” is crucial. These are the times when swarms of fish emerge, and your ability to seize these opportunities can lead to substantial wins. As explained in the “Game Features of Fa Chai Fishing Game” section, your knowledge of these moments is key to success.

5.Energy Value Strategy

  • The energy value mechanism accumulates as you shoot, and when it reaches its maximum, it triggers automatically. To maximize your chances of winning, plan your shots strategically to make the most of this feature. A deeper dive into this feature can be found in the previous sections.

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Best Casino to Play Fa Chai Fishing

Phwin Online Casino

Best Casino to play Fa Chai Fishing is Phwin. If you’re eager to dive into the captivating world of Fa Chai Fishing and try your luck at reeling in exciting prizes, Phwin 77 Casino is your ultimate destination. This renowned online casino offers a top-tier gaming experience, complete with a wide selection of games, including the thrilling Fa Chai Fishing Game.

With its reputation for excellence and commitment to providing players with a seamless and engaging gaming atmosphere, Phwin 77 Casino stands as a prime choice for fish shooting game enthusiasts. Phwin 77 Casino’s user-friendly interface ensures that navigating your Fa Chai Fishing journey is a breeze.

The casino’s platform is designed to provide players with a hassle-free gaming experience, making it easy to immerse yourself in the world of wealth and excitement that Fa Chai Fishing offers. Here, you can enjoy the game’s incredible features, stunning visuals, and the chance to test your gaming skills against the backdrop of a captivating underwater world.


In conclusion, Fa Chai Fishing is a game that encapsulates the excitement of underwater riches. From understanding the game mechanics to exploring its unique features and strategies, this game offers an enticing adventure that promises massive rewards.

With the guidance provided in this article, players are well-prepared to dive into the deep sea and chase their fortunes. Fa Chai Fishing is more than just a game; it’s a chance to embark on an unforgettable gaming journey, and with the right strategies, you can seize the treasures that await in the ocean’s depths.

So, gear up, unleash your skills, and venture into the thrilling world of Fa Chai Fishing, where fortunes can be yours for the taking.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Fa Chai Fishing is an engaging fish shooting game developed by JDB. It offers players a unique experience with a chance to combine fun, strategy, and the allure of massive rewards in an underwater world filled with fortunes.
  • To play Fa Chai Fishing, you need to understand the game mechanics, which involve several vital aspects such as target control, choosing your weapon, and bet adjustment. The Paytable helps you identify high-value targets, and you can set your bet and paylines. Once ready, you spin the reels and aim for big wins.
  • Fa Chai Fishing includes several exciting features, such as the “Wilds” in the form of special fish that bring exceptional rewards. The game also offers a “Scatter Free Game” feature, special fish prizes, eye-catching Tycoon Lobby fish, moments of control, special weapons like the Autocannon and Thunderball, and a captivating slot theme based on the concept of “getting rich.”
  • Winning at Fa Chai Fishing requires mastering the game mechanics, leveraging special weapons strategically, focusing on special fish, mastering moments of control, and using an energy value strategy. Understanding the game’s mechanics is essential to success.
  • You can enjoy Fa Chai Fishing at Phwin 77 Casino, a renowned online casino known for its top-tier gaming experience. It provides a user-friendly platform, a wide range of games, and the opportunity to test your gaming skills in the captivating underwater world of Fa Chai Fishing.
  • The slot theme in Fa Chai Fishing is rooted in the Chinese concept of “getting rich.” It enhances the game’s visual appeal and adds depth to the gaming experience, creating an atmosphere of fortune and opportunity.
  • You can configure your bets and paylines according to your gaming strategy and financial comfort. The game offers flexibility to cater to a wide range of betting preferences.
  • The Autoplay feature simplifies your gameplay by automatically firing your weapon at the aquatic adversaries, eliminating the need for manual shooting. It’s especially useful for players who prefer a more relaxed gaming experience.
  • By triggering the Scatter Free Game feature, you can enjoy extra rounds of gameplay without placing bets, increasing your chances of winning. This feature adds an extra layer of excitement to the game.
  • Phwin 77 Casino is a prime destination for Fa Chai Fishing enthusiasts, offering a top-tier gaming experience with a user-friendly interface. The casino is renowned for its commitment to excellence and provides players with a hassle-free gaming atmosphere, making it easy to explore the wealth and excitement of the game. The riches of Fa Chai Fishing are just a click away at Phwin 77 Casino.

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