Dragon Fishing II: The best Free Demo Play and Review

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JDB Dragon Fishing II Game is a fish shooting game by JDB, read our review and play JDB Dragon Fishing II demo game to discover how to win at PHWIN with jilibonus.

Dragon Fishing II presents an enthralling blend of expertise and excitement, drawing players into a captivating underwater journey. Within a realm where the fabled dragon king stirs, this game invites players to wield lightning, discover vulnerabilities, and uncover priceless treasures.

Through its engaging gameplay features and an assortment of potent weapons, Dragon Fishing II guarantees a thrilling adventure packed with tactical complexity and gratifying hurdles.

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Free Demo: Dragon Fishing II

5 Dragon Fishing

Dragon Fishing II Details & Information

Software JDB
Type Video Arcade
Max Win 1800X
Sit Per Table 4
Min Coins Size 0.10
Max Coins Size 1

How to Play Dragon Fishing II


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To play Dragon Fishing II, you should Understanding the Game Mechanics, Placing Bets and Understanding Paylines, Choosing the Game Environment!

1. Understanding the Game Mechanics

  • Mastering Target Control (Auto Shoot)
    Dragon Fishing II introduces an effortless auto-shoot function, streamlining the gaming experience. This automated targeting system simplifies shooting, enabling players to concentrate on strategy and accuracy without distractions.
  • Weapon Selection
    Players can choose from an array of weapons, each with its unique power and effectiveness. The collection includes the Dragon Bazooka series, comprising three distinct levels, each offering its advantages.
  • Flexible Bet Settings
    Dragon Fishing II provides adaptable bet settings, catering to diverse player preferences. With different cannon levels – level 1, 2, and 3 – players can customize their bets based on risk tolerance and strategic approach.

2. Placing Bets and Understanding Paylines

  • Engaging in Dragon Fishing II involves strategic bet placements while considering the game’s paylines. Grasping the relationship between bets and paylines is pivotal for optimizing gameplay.
    Players can experiment with various betting strategies, aligning with their gaming style and risk appetite, to make informed choices that may lead to greater rewards.

3. Choosing the Game Environment

  • Dragon Fishing II offers a diverse gaming landscape with multiple room options. Players can select from various game rooms tailored to different skill levels and preferences.
  • The game features two membership types and three room selections, accommodating players of varying abilities. Whether opting for the beginner area or the expert zone, each room provides a distinct experience, offering specific betting ranges and challenges suited to the players’ proficiency levels.

This segment sheds light on Dragon Fishing II’s intricate mechanics, underscoring the significance of understanding the game’s dynamics, betting choices, and room selections for a fulfilling gaming experience aligned with players’ preferences and skill levels.

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Game Features of Dragon Fishing II

The game features of Dragons Fishing II are interesting, included Improved Shell Durability and Quantity, Diverse Gaming Atmosphere, Adaptable Memberships and Room Selection. Without further ado, let’s dive in and see each of them below!

1.Improved Shell Durability and Quantity

  • An outstanding attribute of Dragon Fishing II is its groundbreaking enhancement, amplifying both the number and resilience of shells.
  • This upgrade notably enhances the game’s dynamics, granting players greater firepower to pursue and capture a diverse array of fish within the underwater realm.
  • Especially noteworthy is the utilization of a level 3 cannon, which activates this feature and unlocks an impressive 12x reward multiplier, encouraging strategic weapon choices to maximize earnings.

2.Diverse Gaming Atmosphere

  • Dragon Fishing II prides itself on a diverse and captivating gaming atmosphere. Featuring an array of potent weaponry, players embark on their fishing endeavors equipped with robust tools.
  • Boasting 20 distinct fish species, each offering varied odds of up to 300, the game guarantees an immersive experience. Additionally, its online multiplayer support for up to four players enhances the social aspect, fostering both collaborative and competitive interactions among participants.

3.Adaptable Memberships and Room Selection

  • Players can choose between two membership types, tailored to specific preferences and gaming styles. Additionally, the game offers three distinct room options to accommodate players of differing expertise levels.
  • With tailored shooting ranges per bullet in newbie and expert areas, players can immerse themselves comfortably based on their skill levels, ensuring an inclusive and enjoyable gaming experience for all.

4.Dragon Bazooka Arsenal

  • The Dragon Bazooka series stands out as a defining feature in Dragon Fishing II, providing players with an array of potent weapons. These bazookas, categorized into three levels, offer various base multipliers along with extra free bullets.

Furthermore, achieving hits with a 5x base multiplier triggers the Mega Drill, allowing players to capture fish along a trail path and earn a random 10-20x of bet points, adding an exciting layer of potential rewards to the gameplay experience.

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Tips & Tricks To Win Dragon Fishing II

You can win at Dragons Fishing II by following our simple 5 tips below, included Optimal Weapon Choice, Utilizing Enhanced Shells, Mastering Payline Strategies.

1.Optimal Weapon Choice

  • Drawing from the detailed Dragon Bazooka arsenal, make strategic cannon selections. Harness the strength and advantages of higher-tier bazookas, especially level 3, to maximize your potential rewards.

2.Utilizing Enhanced Shells

  • Expanding on the earlier-discussed boosted shell capabilities, strategically aim for groups of fish. Capitalize on the increased shell quantity to capture multiple fish in a single shot, boosting your chances for larger payouts.

3.Mastering Payline Strategies

  • Referring back to the Paylines section in the “How to Play Dragon Fishing II Game,” align your bets with the game’s paylines. Continuously experiment with diverse betting tactics to identify the most effective one matching your playstyle.

4.Room Selection Tactics

  • As emphasized in the game’s features, deliberate on your choice of gaming room. The newbie area offers lower-risk betting ranges, ideal for practice or cautious gameplay, while the expert area caters to seasoned players seeking higher stakes and increased rewards.

5.Collaborative Gameplay

  • In multiplayer mode, coordinate actions with teammates. Effective communication and teamwork can notably enhance efficiency in targeting and capturing high-value fish, amplifying the overall winnings for the entire team.

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Best Casino to Play Dragon Fishing II

Phwin Online Casino

Best Casino to play Dragons Fishing II is Phwin. For an unmatched gaming adventure within the realm of Dragon Fishing II, we highly endorse Casino. As an exceptional choice for enthusiastic fans of this exhilarating underwater escapade, Phwin77 Casino stands out.

Renowned for delivering superior entertainment, Phwin77 Casino provides an immersive platform where players can dive into the enthralling world of Dragon Fishing II. Offering a diverse range of games, including the thrilling Dragon Fishing II Game, players have an abundance of options, guaranteeing endless amusement.

The casino’s intuitive interface enables effortless navigation, enabling players to swiftly explore and enjoy their preferred games, such as Dragon Fishing II. Emphasizing top-notch specifications and excellence in every aspect, Phwin77 Casino ensures a premium gaming experience for its players.


To sum up, Dragon Fishing Game II stands as an exhilarating and visually striking multiplayer fishing expedition that provides numerous avenues to immerse oneself in its captivating universe.

By mastering the game’s mechanics, tailoring your bets, and leveraging its distinct features, you can enhance your gaming experience and bolster your likelihood of triumph. The dragon bonus, shark mouth cannon, depth charge bullets, and other elements present abundant opportunities for remarkable rewards.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Dragon Fishing II is a video arcade game developed by JDB that involves shooting fish in an underwater setting.

Players have the chance to win up to 1800 times their initial bet amount.

Each table in Dragon Fishing II accommodates up to four players.

The minimum coin size is 0.10, while the maximum coin size is 1.

The exact RTP percentage for Dragon Fishing II is not specified.

To excel in Dragon Fishing II, players should grasp the game mechanics, betting strategies, and room selections.

Dragon Fishing II offers auto-shoot controls, diverse weapons, customizable bet settings, and a variety of gaming rooms tailored to different skill levels.

The game boasts 20 unique fish species, each with varying odds of up to 300.

The Dragon Bazooka series comprises three levels of powerful weapons, each offering different multipliers and additional free bullets for players. Casino is highly recommended for an immersive and top-tier gaming experience in Dragon Fishing II, offering a wide range of games and an intuitive interface for players to enjoy.

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